Sona9 betting site privacy policy

The Sona9 Privacy Policy defines the purposes, methods, and rules for the collection, storage, and use of personal data of clients in the process of using the services offered by the brand. By creating an account, you automatically agree to the rules and regulations set out in this document. Please read the text carefully before proceeding with the registration process.

Customer personal information is any information about players that identifies them in any way. The most prominent example of personal information is first and last name.

Sona9 team protects your privacy and collects personal data only for internal use.

Basic information

Sona9 collects such data from the first time you visit the official website to the filling of forms and any other interactions. After you visit the website and agree to transfer cookies to us, your device begins to send us some information. In the first stages, this is information about your location, IP address, the model of smartphone you are using, the operating system installed on it, etc. Later on, you continue to share personal data with us when you interact with various pages, fill in forms, and make payment transactions.

In accordance with Sona9’s privacy policy, personal information is collected for several purposes:

  • Minimising the risks of fraud and money laundering by unscrupulous users;
  • Creation of more effective advertising and marketing materials;
  • Development of individual bonus offers, tournaments, and promotions.

Working with personal data allows us to develop, offer new services and improve the quality of existing ones.

Sona9’s Privacy Policy establishes our company’s responsibility to ensure the complete security of personal data and to protect this information from leakage and use by third parties. For this purpose, the site works according to HTTPS and SSL protocols. All data is transmitted through secure channels and additionally encrypted, thus eliminating the risk of leakage.

In addition, we guarantee that customer information will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances. We may disclose it only in one case – if a user is suspected of fraud and law enforcement authorities have an interest in the user. Also, some data, such as a nickname, may be used by us personally in the news if you manage to get a particularly big win or jackpot.

You can change some of your personal information yourself through your profile settings. You can also refuse to share this information at any time. In this case, you should inform about such a wish to the support service in any convenient way.